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Promote and Prosper 



May 18-25, 2023

Top Influencers Share What’s Working NOW to Build a WILDLY Successful Business, A MORE Fulfilled Life and Make a LASTING Impact!

Did you know? Email marketing converts at a much higher rate than social media, which is why email subscribers are so important to grow your business. Building your list is like putting money in the bank! 


Hi, this is Heidi Richards Mooney,

As an influencer and successful business woman, you have been chosen to participate in the first-ever Promote and Prosper Giveaway.  Collaboration is the key to the success of this type of promotion. When you participate in this unique giveaway opportunity, you will exponentially increase your chances of building a thriving list, while helping many other women entrepreneurs to increase their own opportunities, level up their business,  increase profits, and have a more fulfilled life in 2023 and beyond. When you are ALL IN, we all WIN!

High Value Digital Gifts

Digital/virtual gifts such as special reports and eBooks, videos, audio files, workshops, masterclasses, online courses, pdf guides, challenges, masterclasses, private coaching, subscriptions
planners, printables, memberships, uncommon experiences etc.

Value of gift must be at least $49.

Gift Ideas

 Provide Gifts that focus on Business Growth such as lead generation, content strategy, client attraction, simplifying sales, joint venture partnerships, marketing mastery, social media mastery etc. We welcome other topics such as Money, Mindset, Wellbeing, Life Skills, and Spirituality.

Value of gift must be at least $49


My team and I have invited 30+ experts (among them, you) to participate in the Promote and Proser Giveaway by contributing gifts that will inspire our visitors and make them want to gain access to yours.

When you participate, you join a select group of influential women who together will promote the giveaway event to each of their individual lists and social media accounts. Our audience registers to get access to the list of gifts. Once registered, they are taken to a page with all contributor giveaway offers. Each gift includes a picture, description, and value of the gift as well as a picture (and brief bio) of the contributor.

The registered guests then get to choose which of the gifts they’re interested in. 

When they click on the link that takes them to YOUR GIFT opt-in page (located on your own website landing page) they then complete your designated opt-in process which adds them to your mailing list and gives them access to the gift you have offered.  

We think this is one of the BEST ways to build a list as it works in collaboration with several other influencers, each willing to promote the giveaway to build their lists. When you are ALL IN, we all WIN!


  •  You provide a gift to include in the giveaway. The gift you provide is hosted on your own website with an opt-in page for visitors to sign up to access your offer. This allows YOU to GROW your mailing list!


  • Promote the giveaway at least two times to your full email list (via a solo email) and minimum 3x time on social media per social account and Facebook Groups. Our goal is to create as much opportunity for our gift givers to increase subscribers, which means everyone who is featured is also sharing our GIVEAWAY with their lists and social media channels.  When everyone fully participates in the promotion, everyone wins!


  • We will provide done-for-you copy and images for this.


  • If you a chose the premium package during the Women Rock Awards promotions, you have already qualified to participate and as such are NOT required to pay an entrance fee to participate in the giveaway. If you were invited to participate in the event and are NOT a past honoree or did not upgrade to the premium package, you can still participate by paying a small participation fee (this covers the cost of coordinating the event for each of the participants including all of the done-for-you copy and images such as swipe files, social media graphics, reminders and a promotional calendar prior to promotion). It was outlined in the exclusive invite we sent to you.


  •  We prefer a list size of at least 5,000 subscribers to be part of this but if you have a smaller list and a large social media following (social media influencer), we welcome your participation with the understanding that you will promote the event even more on your social channels.


In Summary

Email: 2 SOLO EMAILS (excluding newsletter mentions) to your list. if not, we can work out a special promotional calendar for you. You are welcome to do ads on Facebook/Instagram and/or Pinterest.  

Social Media: 3+ posts throughout promo and event minimum through all active social accounts (this works especially well if you have a free Facebook Group).  

Just fill out the form and hit the BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR button below to submit your gift and reserve your spot.  Once you sign up we will send you a confirmation link with more information. Remember, when you are ALL IN, we all WIN!

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