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Promote and Prosper GIVEAWAY


44 Ways To Seduce Your Next Client from Stage, Podcast, Radio, Virtual Summits and Virtual Networking by Jackie Lapin


As a expert or thought leader looking to change more lives, attract more clients and scale up your business, you must always be looking for ways to get people to meet with you or opt-in to your list.

But if you think the only inducements you can offer are a free ebook, short online program or free consultation, you are far behind the times! Is your free offer tired and not drawing?

What if we could give you 44 Ways to Seduce Your Next Client from Stages, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Virtual Summits or Virtual Networking?

Get this and rocket your prospective client engagement with new, exciting and creative enticements!

VALUE $199

Get paid to create your offers and beat the competition with speed by leveraging preselling in your business! BY Destini Copp

How would it feel to have your offer (e.g. online course, membership, coaching program) already sold BEFORE you started creating the content?

Stop creating courses, digital products, coaching programs, and workshops that nobody wants to buy and Instead use preselling to truly validate your offers instead of guessing whether or not you have a winner.


Ebook – 3 Steps to Connect, Communicate, and Convert without Selling… By Biba Pedron

This is an absolute MUST-HAVE if you want to attract a lot more of your ideal clients in your business and get excellent results.
I show you my formula: Strategy – Visibility – Impact which helps most of my clients to double or triple their revenues in 90 days.


Goal Setting Toolkit by Petra Monaco

In the Goal Setting Toolkit, I share my process of how I get to the core of what I want in my life and create my Be, Do, and Have Goals that help me develop an action plan I can follow with ease. But just because you have declared your goals and mapped out a plan doesn’t really mean a thing if you keep procrastinating.

Inside the tool kit, there are questions to ask yourself and resources to overcome productivity challenges, so you can stay committed all the way through achieving your goals!


Beginner’s Transcription Course by Claire Hone and Sonya Rawlings

The Beginner’s Module covers everything you need to know about getting started, beginning with a single voice, clear dictations, the introduction of a US accent and ending with a two voice interview to prepare for Intermediate Module 2. The Beginner’s Module has 195 minutes of audio with Answer Keys.  You can start this as an absolute beginner, to learn about transcription, the freedom it offers you, working when and where you want when you want.

VALUE $200

Utilizing the How to Achieve Balance in Your Life checklist By Cassandra Hill

Utilizing the How to Achieve Balance in Your Life checklist will aid you in creating a schedule that doesn’t overwhelm you. Ultimately you will have the time and freedom to start living the life you deserve!



Integrated Soul Activations© Business Money Clearing By Patricia Elizabeth

This activation will help you to clear 34 limiting beliefs around making money in your business. Some of these beliefs include: It’s wrong for healers to charge for their services; If I become successful, there will be way more demands on my time, my energy, my money; It’s impossible to make a lot of money; Making money is hard work; It’s too hard to become wealthy; I wouldn’t know what to do with a lot of money. It will also help to activate what being rich feels and looks like for you


7 Videos to Make this Month To explode your visibility, show off your expertise and grow your business by Andrea Stenberg

If a picture is worth 1,000 words a video is worth 1,000 pictures when it comes to getting visibility, showing off your expertise and actually growing your business online.
Using this guide you’ll quickly make videos that:
Explode your visibility on social media
Showcases your expertise and lets views see you for the expert you are
Builds trust with your tribe because they can see your face, hear your voice and get to know you
Generates leads with a strategic live video plan.


PRODUCTIVITY A.H.E.A.D, Includes a Personal Accountability Session By Yvonne B. McCoy

Is your lack of productivity frustrating you? The concept of productivity has changed from agricultural, to industrial to now informational. You get paid to think, not check of boxes off your to-do list.

This simple, flexible process supports you when you have growth challenges to increase productivity and profit. It improves both your business and personal life.

The skills and mindset that got you here, are not enough when you are ready to grow. Are you ready to change your productivity mindset and a process that works?

We can make it work together. You don’t have to do it alone.

Value $197

Is your Online Course Idea Any Good? By Julie Hood

Considering an Online Course? Wondering if your idea is any good? Come find out with this short training to validate your idea – before you spend hours and days creating it!


VALUE $197

Ebook – Write Your Own Book, in just 48 hours! By Biba Pedron

-Would you like to become a bestseller in just a few hours as my client Christine did recently with her 1st book.

-Would you like to be interviewed by TV or Radio as my client Isabelle who wrote her 1st book

-Would you like to be booked as an expert for conferences and book signings, as my client Fabienne with her 1st book “How your emotions influence your weight”.

-Would you like to be contacted as an expert for speaking gigs and book signings, in your country or internationally, to sell your programs, even high-end ones, and go from a sale at 20$ to a program at 7000$, 12000$, 20000$ or more as I have done for years.

That’s why I wrote this free ebook “My Book in 48 Hours” to share with you everything you need and how to do it, without spending months or years, but just 2 days and have a marketing tool to boost your business, develop your credibility thanks to your status as an expert and author and therefore develop your visibility and impact more people.

If you want to finally realize your dream, and publish your book in 2023, to boost your business, and attract more clients, while impacting your audience? 

VALUE $147

How to Build an Effective Business Blogging Strategy – Masterclass and Workbook By Hayley Robertson

Increase your website ranking and visibility, drive more website traffic, and attract qualified online leads! With this Free Blogging Masterclass + Workbook, you’ll get the following:
1. The EXACT business blogging strategy framework I’ve used to grow my coaching business
2. A step-by-step guide to help you plan the type of blog content that generates qualified LEADS
3. My TOP TIPS for SEO keyword research to ensure your blogs actually get found and read (PLUS, I show you the right way to set up your blog categories and tags!)
And so much more…


Supercharge Your Confidence and Self-Esteem Ebook and Self-Hypnosis Audio By Isabel Monte

Supercharge Your Confidence and Self-Esteem is a comprehensive ebook and self-hypnosis audio designed to help women entrepreneurs reprogram their minds and unlock their inner confidence and self-esteem.

The ebook is packed with practical tips and strategies that you can use to build your confidence and self-esteem, including exercises to help you overcome limiting beliefs, identify root causes and challenge negative self-talk, and self-doubt and replace them with positive, empowering thoughts and beliefs.

The self-hypnosis audio is designed to help you enter a state of deep relaxation and focus, allowing you to access your subconscious mind and reprogram your beliefs and behaviors at a deep level. With regular use, the audio can help you increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, Supercharge Your Confidence and Self-Esteem can help you achieve your goals by giving you the tools and confidence you need to succeed.


Dubsado Done With You – 8 weeks to a Complete Set Up by Brittany Fank

Dubsado Done With You is a course teaching service providers how to set up their Dubsado to automate their lead, onboarding, and offboarding processes in 8 weeks or less.


Weekly checklist of all tasks to complete

Weekly videos showing you how to set up each thing 

Onboarding checklist & mind map examples

PDF of all 8 checklists 

Complimentary workflow review

Discounted 1:1 calls


9 Steps to Be a Trusted Expert Video Course By Cindy J Holbrook

You’ll Discover:
* The #1 strategy to get booked on podcasts and radio shows that will get you noticed fast
* ​How to leverage the expertise of others and get on the fast track to establish your own expert status
* ​2 surefire ways to get quoted and published on established and reliable websites and blogs
* ​How to stand out from the crowd and inspire feelings of trust so that clients pay you top dollar
* ​A little-known secret to building your credibility and expertise on Facebook in as little as 7 days


VALUE $197

Two Workshops: Write Your Short Book in a Day & Speaking Workshop & Get Gigs by Mila Johansen

#1 Write Your Short Book in a Day on Zoom as our guest. People love this class and leave inspired and energized. You will be surprised how much you get done. We do 20 min writing prompts, peppered with tons of writing and self-publishing info and resources. Use your book to show expertise, teach from, and to sell. Business book, memoir, how-to, novel, children’s . . . any. And . . .
#2 Improve your speaking abilities in this one-day workshop. Tips and secrets to Rock Every Speech You Make. Tech, protocols, and tons of resources and places to easily find Gigs. Mila gives out a comprehensive list. Her grandmother taught public speaking to Eleanor Roosevelt and later taught her. Share your message with the world.

VALUE $154

Manifest Your Dreams: 3 Simple Steps to a Fabulously Rich Life Event and Ebook By Evie Diaz

Do you want to live a life of abundance and success?
Do you want to achieve your dreams? If so, then this event is for you!
In this event, you will learn the 3 simple steps to manifesting your best future self.

This event is perfect for women who want to live a fabulously rich life. You will learn how to create the life of your dreams and achieve your goals.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should attend this event:

1) To learn how to manifest your dreams. In this event, you will learn the 3 simple steps to manifesting your dreams.
2) This event is perfect for women who want to live a fabulously rich life. You will learn how to create the life of your dreams and live like your future self now.
3) Learn how to create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.

VALUE $100

Joy Booster Challenge by Joanna Armstrong

Improve your feelings, on the spot – so that you can feel at ease, full of joy and truly empowered – at work, in your business and at home.

LEARN HOW in this powerful step-by-step training online.



How to Create Stories that Stick: Use the Power of Stories to Attract More of Your Ideal Audience By Janelle Anderson

A video training that shows you how to use the 5C’s Sticky Story Structure to create captivating stories in your marketing messages so you can stand out from the crowd and attract more clients like a magnet. Use the template to guide you through the process and soon you will have your first story!

In this training, you’ll discover: The5 key elements all stories must have to be captivating, how to infuse emotions into your story so you can create a deeper connection with your audience, and the power of presence which makes the difference between telling about a story and showing through a story.


Three Steps to Business Book Success – Workshop, Workbook, and Strategy Session By Melody Ann Owen

Are you tired of struggling to write a book for your business? Do you want to learn the secrets of successful business book authors? Then join us for Three Steps to Business Book Success!

You will receive:
• Workshop focused on developing a strong book concept
• Worksheets to help identify readers’ needs and set goals
• 30-minute follow-up call to discuss progress and next steps

Jump start your book project by
• Developing a clear understanding of your readers’ needs and how to tailor your book to meet those needs,
• Learning how to set effective goals that will keep you motivated and on track,
• Developing a strong book concept that will grab readers’ attention and keep them engaged throughout your book,
• Receiving expert guidance and support from experienced writers and industry professionals, and
• Gaining the confidence and skills you need to succeed as a business book author.

This is your chance to take your writing to the next level and get the guidance you need to succeed as a nonfiction author.

VALUE $497

Kickstart Your Email Challenge By Kylie Kelly

This is the Ultimate 3 Day Challenge to help you launch & grow your email list – or revive a dead one!

Let Kylie be your personal guide and show you how to start, serve and scale your email list (and your results!) From welcome sequences that increase your open rates, to becoming consistent in sending emails, we’ll dig into it all together!


VALUE $127


5 Steps to Magnetic Money Mantras By Christine Luken

Create a Mindset That Attracts Money Like a Magnet! You’ve probably heard of positive money affirmations or mantras. Maybe you’ve even tried them, but they just didn’t stick for you. That’s because there are 5 things that must be present in your money mantras for them to be truly magnetic.

This guide gives you a step-by-step process for creating your own Magnetic Money Mantras that actually work! Plus you get 100 example mantras!




LinkedIn Profile Optimization Kit By Sherri Coffelt

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing sources for speaking opportunities.

And it all starts with your LinkedIn profile.  It’s the first place your ideal connections find you on LinkedIn.  Nail it, and you’ll watch your connections grow with collaboration partners, referral partners, and yes, potential clients.

Grab this LinkedIn Profile Optimization Kit to access three of my top profile resources; My Top 10 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile, so you can check off the most important boxes to create a LinkedIn profile that will attract the right connections for high quality speaking leads, client leads and Connection Calls.

Plus, the template to create a stellar profile picture (along with the video to walk you through it step by step) and Canva templates for the perfect banner for service-based entrepreneurs.

Together, you’ll blow them away when they visit your profile!

VALUE $197

“Unravel” Workbook | Discovering your Authentic Self in a Noisy World By Kelly Mynatt

Your Unraveling journey begins with taking an honest look at your life. We help you break out of the patterns and habits that have kept you from realizing your fullest potential.

We challenge you to become more than you ever thought possible.

You will examine your motivations, values and ambitions, and uncover the essential qualities of your true self.

Some of the practices in this workbook will have you explore how your life experiences and current choices shape your identity.

By embracing your inner strength and courage (which you will find through this workbook), you will create powerful opportunites for growth and transformation.

We invite you to join us on this journey – one of personal healing, courage and empowerment. Together, let’s discover your authentic YOU and Unravel your Soul!

Value $35

Use code PROSPER to access the digital copy for FREE!

How to Use Information Marketing to Build Your List, Credibility, and Cash Flow! By Jannette Anderson

If you are an expert, business owner, or service provider that needs to differentiate themselves, attract clients in an authentic way, and sell yourself before you even open your mouth… you must master information marketing.

By creating value-adding products like eBooks, checklists, templates and more, your prospects can get to know who you are and what you stand for. This allows them to develop a familiarity that moves them through the marketing and sales stages of “know, value, and trust,” so that they can buy your products or services with confidence.

During this powerful session participants will learn:

• How to identify the topics that not only attract—but convert!
• Tools for creating dynamic titles and appealing hooks that get your Lead Magnets downloaded and shared!
• The #1 way to establish authority and position yourself as THE go-to expert • Your key to being unforgettable in a sea of competition and sameness
• A roadmap for turning your influence into income!
Don’t miss this practical how-to session so you can amplify your authority, and increase your influence, with grace and ease!

VALUE $250

The Social Playbook By Karleigh Petersen

Do you keep telling yourself that you’re going to post on social but you just… don’t? Do you keep seeing other people blow up on social and wish it were you? Do you put it on your schedule to create content to market your business but when the time comes you freeze?

Then you need The Social Playbook, a 2 hour workshop where I teach you not only the ins and outs of marketing your business on social, but you’re going to leave knowing exactly what to say to your specific audience AND a 2-week content calendar. I’m going to be giving you everything you need to EXPLODE your social media marketing in 2023.


Irresistible High-End Messaging by Carol Ann DeSimine


This easy-to-follow-along playbook will help you craft messaging that speaks to your right-fit clients so they’re an easy yes for your high-end offer.

You’ll discover the 4 most common mistakes that most entrepreneurs make when it comes to writing content – that could be costing you sales.


VALUE $197

How to Create a Client Attracting Brand Masterclass by Kim Speed

Developing a strong brand is the best way to get your clients and customers to choose your products or services over the competition.

As soon as you start a business, you’ve made a brand. In this masterclass, I will show you how to cultivate and nurture your brand to be seen, heard, and remembered by the right people who will buy from you.

Discover your brand pillars and the values that drive and guide you in this Masterclass. Learn what they are for and use them as your north star to create content, attract leads, onboard clients and build relationships.

• Understand how brand perception creates meaning and recognition for your business
• Understand who your specific client is and what problems they have
• Create a clear brand message that has your ideal client “saying yes that’s me”
• Develop a marketing plan to become known as the authority in your field

VALUE $197

High Converting Canva Templates Bundle By Julie C Butler

This bundle was created with you in mind, to help you quickly design graphics to help drive traffic to your website + attract your ideal client.

NO MORE long hours spent trying to design high converting graphics for your business … from scratch.

Included: 66 Canva Templates + Stock Photos + Tech mockups + 12-Month social media planning calendar.



Build a Stand-Out Brand with Color Psychology By Jessie May Kezele

Did you know that color plays an important role in how you’re remembered, the types of clients you attract, and even how much you can charge?

Receive immediate access to the Power Profile quiz and mini course to discover your top 3 “power” colors, which you can use in your brand, on your website and in your marketing materials to grow your following, fill your programs and attract your perfect clients.


A PowHerfull Strategy by Mia Frankl

Working as a solopreneur can drain the batteries, it’s easy to lose sight of why you are doing all the things, day in, day out. And if we don’t have a vision and strategy to the future, how do we know that all the “to-do’s” are adding up anything in the end?
Mia has created this brain dump exercise just for you – to get you organized and make sense of what’s being done, when and why. The google form will walk you through a brain dump based on 4 core business categories. Once submitted, Mia will sort and schedule the info into a business succession plan. Essentially threading it all together and giving you 3 months of Powherfull Strategies for WHY you’re doing the WHAT. From the 12-month level, to the 3-month level, and then the to-do list per month to reach it.


Plan Your Money-Making Automated Webinar in a Weekend By Jeannette Koczela

How would it feel to know that you are earning more each month, without having to take on extra clients or work tons of extra hours? With passive income, you can!

When set up correctly, an automated webinar funnel is an easy and effortless way to convert people into paying customers, and you only have to set it up once. And, it offers the opportunity to teach, inspire and connect with an audience, while the paid product it promotes brings in consistent income.

This planner walks you through the steps of creating and setting up an automated webinar funnel that you can earn from for years to come.

In this training/planner you will learn how to:
• Teach, inspire, and connect with your audience 24/7
• Grow your lists and your reach in a huge way
• Establish your expertise to new audiences
• Make sales from your webinar every week, month, and year ongoing
• Create a follow-up email series that excites and enthralls
• Develop an effective promotion plan for launching and sustaining your webinar


Success Journaling Bundle by Lynda Monk

Journaling is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation! Discover how to go to the page for success, well-being, aha moments, and resilience with this SUCCESS JOURNALING BUNDLE. This bundle includes journaling prompts, guided meditation, tips, tools, and inspiration within two creative gifts including the following:
Gift 1: Meet Your Wise Inner Guide Meditation & Journaling Tool. Gain clarity, access your inner wisdom and be inspired from within.
Gift 2: Gratitude Journaling Workbook for Enlightened Entrepreneurs. Cultivate gratitude to enrich your well-being, resilience, and success.



"chatgpt checklists for business"


INCLUDES: 20 SET Video/Audio Tutorial Series
(+ transcripts), ChatGPT Guide + 18 Checklists 

CHECKLISTS Included in this bundle:

•Incorporating ChatGPT In Your Business
•Creating Ads Using ChatGPT
•ChatGPT For Researching And Curating Content
•Using ChatGPT For Developing A Content Marketing Strategy
•Leveraging ChatGPT For Search Engine Optimization
•Leveraging ChatGPT For Video Sales Letters
•Optimizing Landing Pages With ChatGPT
•Using ChatGPT For Research And Planning
•Writing ChatGPT – Assisted Business And Marketing Prompts
•Leveraging ChatGPT For Lead Magnet Generation
•Incorporating ChatGPT In Your Customer Support

VALUE $497

Build Your Audience of Ideal Clients in 30 Days By Johanne O’Halleron

A 3 part self-paced course designed to support service-based entrepreneurs on generating leads quickly.
Within the course, they will discover:

How to build strong connections with their ideal clients
How to build a rinse-and-repeat framework for generating leads easily
A deep dive into their client avatar and really get to know WHO they are connecting with.
A week-by-week structure for generating leads
How to generate captivating content to engage their audience

VALUE $97++

The Ultimate Author Marketing & Promotions Checklist by Heidi Richards Mooney

This checklist gives you a list of action steps to take once you have written your book (and even before its been published) to start raising awareness of your book, increase your list of readers and supporters, drive traffic to your sites, and sell more books.  Period.

Follow the action steps listed inThe Ultimate Author Marketing & Promotions Checklist and enjoy the results:

  • A checklist of pages every author website needs


  • A list of content items to include on your website


  • What you need to create the perfect Author Media Kit


  • The steps to take to get your social media channels in line with the rest of your online channels


  • A checklist of promotional ideas and strategies to spread the word about your book, grow your list and sell more books.


  • And much more!


About our Experts

Meet Jackie Lapin

Jackie Lapin’s mission is to help leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and authors like you find and secure their next clients by getting in front of more audiences faster! Her SpeakerTunity®, The Speaker and Leader Resource Company, has researched hundreds of thousands of speaker lead contacts, and has curated them to meet their needs. Jackie’s SpeakerTunity Member’s Only® program provides leads for live and virtual events and meetings, conferences, podcasts/radio shows/videocasts, virtual summits, TEDx events and more. SpeakerTunity® is the Ultimate Speaker Toolbox, one-stop shopping for the speaker!

Meet Biba Pedron 

Business & Mindset Expert – Biba Pedron served women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, giving them her step-by-step Formula: Strategy – Visibility – Impact to double or triple their revenues in 90 days.
She authored multiple bestsellers and was featured in Forbes Magazine France as a ‘Women of Influence.
Working with thousands of women entrepreneurs, she realized that people needed to connect the dots of marketing, social media, branding, and mindset to grow their businesses much faster, so she started helping them with effective marketing strategies, to get to the next level.

Meet Dr. Destini Copp

Dr. Destini Copp helps business owners increase their passive income revenue with digital products and evergreen sales funnels. She is a college marketing professor turned online entrepreneur and a wanna-be, Serena Williams-like, tennis player. She is the host of The Course Creator’s MBA Podcast and author of the best-selling book, Launch Your Online Course Business in 90 Days or Less.

Meet  Cassandra Hill

Cassandra Hill is a Holistic Wellness Influencer, Life Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker. After overcoming systemic lupus with a regimen she developed; Cassandra birthed Holistic Living Consulting.

Her mission is to transform the health of black women by renewing their mind, body, and soul utilizing an all-natural approach.

Meet Yvonne B. McCoy

Yvonne McCoy is a Woman’s Business Strategist. She helps woman entrepreneurs to accelerate productivity, profit and sustainable growth. With new clarity about constant uncertainty, clients step into their CEO mindset.

She is passion about changing the challenges of entrepreneurial business environments into practical solutions, expanded opportunities and increased income. She assists clients in creating innovative and amazing results that increase clients, profit and impact.

Her extensive experiences in coaching, divisional operations and diversified job training as well as life experiences are the basis of her practical systems. Her biggest personal accomplishment is losing over 150 lbs and keeping it off.

Meet Evie Diaz

Evie Diaz is known as a successful and confident woman, a Strategic Growth Speaker, a transformational expert with over 15 years of marketing and sales experience, but this was not always the case.

 Evie trained and became a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, because she believes that this training, along with her Unity teachings and her over $100,000 investment in self-development courses, now enable her to help women identify and break through their BS (belief system). Evie inspires women to create powerful intentions and manifest their best future selves.

Evie has helped entrepreneurial women throughout the world achieve their business goals, from all over the United States to places like Australia and South Africa, through live and virtual events, quarterly retreats, and a yearly conference.

Meet Patricia Elizabeth

Patricia Elizabeth is known as a Manifesting and Wealth Activator, as well as a Spiritual Teacher.
Growing up, Patricia felt like she was an outsider looking in. She instinctively knew that she had spiritual gifts, but with time she learned to suppressed them. She understood that it was different and unaccepted by others around her.
She begin her spiritual re-awakening in 2004, after being diagnosed with a major clinical depression. Several years later, she discovered Reiki, which was she naturally attuned to. Since then, she has studied and been certified in many different healing modalities. She is currently enrolled in a PhD program in Metaphysical Science with the University of Metaphysics. From all of her knowledge and studies, Patricia created Integrated Soul Activations, ISA Energy Clearing, ISA Money Light Codes, and ISA Light Codes.

Meet Andrea Stenberg

Andrea Stenberg is a video marketing strategist, helping coaches and other experts explode their visibility and get new clients using video.

If you don’t know what to say, hate how you look and are intimidated by the technology, Andrea helps you quickly and confidently make client attracting videos. Stop making it up as you go along and start using a proven video strategy to attract new clients.

An award-winning blogger, Andrea’s experience includes: helping a client land a major institutional client from one short video, creating a marketing campaign that generated $1.3 million in sales in a single year, growing a client’s Facebook page by 361% in two months, being in the top 5% of most viewed profiles on LinkedIn.

Meet Joanna Armstrong

For the past 14 years, I’ve had the great honor to help clients free themselves of everything from stress, worry, insecurities and overwhelm to anxiety, fear, sleeping problems and impostor syndroms. I use a particularly efficient and liberating technique, Happier EFT-tapping, to help people get rid of deeply unwanted feelings and stubbornly stuck behaviors; in business, work and home.

Meet Petra Monaco

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

Meet Julie Hood

Julie Hood helps turn coaches, consultants and bloggers into well-paid experts with their own amazing online courses – created quickly and easily!

She shares the best tools, resources and strategies from her 20 years of working with brand-new and 7-figure experts… each week on her Course Creators HQ podcast & her website at

Meet Kylie Kelly

Kylie Kelly is a business strategist, specialising in holistic visibility. She helps female entrepreneurs grow their email list fast through her monthly membership, The Spotlight Club, which enables them to earn more money and really start to live life on their own terms. She is also a podcast host of This Mama Means Business and is a boy mama of two, Spencer & Samuel.

Meet Cindy J Holbrook

Cindy J Holbrook, is a best-selling author, speaker, and business coach. She is known as The Visibility wiz, and guides coaches, speakers, and authors to thrive as they go up the ladder from being the best-kept secret to trusted and in-demand expert.

Clients benefit from her empowering systems and strategies that empower you to step into who you are with outrageous confidence, set and maintain boundaries with clients and personal relationships, as you create visibility strategies that align with your personality and that of your clients, all while building a fun and profitable business.

Meet Claire Hone

My business partner, Sonya, and myself were part of the WE Magazine for Women 2020 Women Rocking the WEB Award Recipients. We have been growing our online transcription training course over the covid years and have added a Master Class to the three module course. Sonya and I have been working in the transcription business since 2003 and also run a successful transcription business Top Team Transcripts. We were also featured in Professional Woman’s magazine in 2020.

Meet Hayley Robertson

Hayley Robertson is an MBA-qualified Marketing Coach and Business Mentor for service-based small businesswomen.

Through her 1:1 coaching programs and once-off strategy sessions, Hayley helps you break through the barriers that are holding you back, so you can choose the clients you want to work with, charge what you’re worth, and get the freedom and flexibility to spend more time doing what you really enjoy.

Hayley also teaches members via her online marketing membership, the My Client Strategy Academy, how to attract consistent clients in a simple and non-complex way, alongside a supportive community at every step.

Meet Isabel Monte

Hey! Olá! Hello! I’m Isabel, a Conversational Hypnotherapist and Coach from Lisbon, Portugal, who specializes in helping women entrepreneurs overcome Scopophobia aka the Fear of the Camera, to record amazing videos and increase their brand visibility online. My mission is to empower women to share their unique personalities and awesomeness with the world. Show the world who you are. Be visible, confident, and most of all, YOU. It’s time to leave your fear of the camera behind, become the face of your business and achieve great things. Let’s record success together!

Meet Jessie May Kezele

As an international Brand Strategist, Jessie May empowers service-based entrepreneurs to clearly communicate their value through beautiful visuals, authentic messaging and aligned offers that position them to attract next-level clients, opportunities and income. She does this through her Impact Tribe membership that offers coaching, courses, community and resources designed to help you build a STAND OUT brand and market it with ease. Discover more about Jessie May at

Meet Lynda Monk

Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC, is the Director of The International Association of Journal Writing (IAJW). She is co-editor of The Great Book of Journaling: How Journal Writing Can Support a Life of Wellness, Creativity, Meaning and Purpose as well as co-editor of Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists and Clients: A Complete Guide to the Benefits of Personal Writing. She is co-author of Writing Alone Together: Journaling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection. Lynda loves leading the IAJW which is an inspirational, educational, and creative community for journal writers worldwide. She lives with her family on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada.

Meet Melody Ann Owens

Leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs leverage Melody Ann to unleash their expertise, finish writing their book, and build their business to the next level. She does that by helping them publish the book that readers want to read and review, while authors get a return on investment. She is passionate about helping them move through the process seamlessly, without spending hours on Google looking for answers or trying to reinvent the process. Melody Ann is the Founder of Author Nation and is offering one of her most powerful workshops to set you up for success with your book project.

Meet Mila Johansen

Mila Johansen is a public speaker, writing and publishing coach, teacher, and writer. She is the best-selling author of nine books, including, From Cowgirl to Congress: Journey of a Suffragist on the Front Lines, a first-person account from Jessie Haver Butler, Mila’s grandmother who was the first woman lobbyist in D.C., and taught public speaking to Eleanor Roosevelt. Mila also has several more books in progress and loves to write and produce short screenplays. She has developed “The Short Book” concept giving people all over the world permission to write their “short book” first to use to build authority and to speak and sell from.

Meet Janelle Anderson

Janelle Anderson is a Certified Professional Coach, author, and renowned speaker who is on a mission to empower women of all backgrounds to embrace their greatness and know their true value. Janelle is encourages her followers to find their untapped potential and become the stars of their own stories. As the creator of her signature online course, Magnetic Message Mastery, and her 12-month program, Monetize Your Message Mastermind, Janelle utilizes her expertise in speaking and storytelling to help women coaches and experts develop a powerful voice and presence so they can become trailblazers and make the impact they are meant to make in the world.

Meet Kim Speed

Kim Speed is a brand visibility expert, business mentor, speaker, recipient of the Most Influential Business Woman in Brand Development and Amazon best-selling author of Branding on a Shoestring. How to recreate your small business identity and increase sales results in 83 days or less.During her years in the corporate world Kim worked in advertising as a Creative Director for some of the biggest global brands including Coca-Cola, TD Bank, Ford and Molson Coors.

After leaving the world of advertising, Kim started her own business, Purple Moon Creative, Brand and Marketing Boutique, where she helps budding and building entrepreneurs courageously step into their own spotlight to create brands that stand out and attract clients.

Meet Christine Luken

Ready for money to support your happiness, rather than stress you out? Then you need Christine Luken, Financial Dignity® Coach in your corner! As the Founder of the Financial Dignity® Movement, Christine has coached hundreds of high-earning professionals, business owners, and divorcing women to pay off staggering amounts of debt and massively increase their net worth. The author of three books and host of the Money is Emotional Podcast, Christine blends wise money management with emotional intelligence. You can find her at

Meet Sherry Coffelt

Sherri Coffelt supports service-based entrepreneurs to end the feast or famine cycle of getting clients and finally build a business that allows them to live their bucket list NOW.

She believes it’s possible to work WHEN you want, from WHERE you want, with clients you LOVE.

In, fact, she’s living proof, having sold her home and packed up her possessions to travel the world, taking her business with her. And she’s never looked back!

Leveraging her Freedom Finder Formula, her clients build a build a business around the lifestyle they want and the income it will take to achieve it.

Meet Kelly Mynatt

We are two friends on a mission to use our personal pain + healing stories to help the next ones in line. With Kelly’s Master’s in Counseling and Liz’s countless hours of healing through divorce and single parenthood, we cover the topics that NEED to be talked about with us and our children. Self-esteem, divorce, inner peace, self-care…we have created some amazing, practical resources.

Meet Jeannette Koczela

Jeannette Koczela, a certified Spiritual Life and Business Coach, is the Founder/ President of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches®, an online life coach directory and professional organization supporting life coaches with visibility, credibility, community, marketing strategies, and business tools.

She curates content so coaches are clear on their marketing without the overwhelm or unnecessary expenses. Find out more at:

Meet Karleigh Peterson

Karleigh is a content strategist and repurposing specialist. She’s obsessed with helping small business owners get seen on social WITHOUT the overwhelm. She teaches you how to make content creation fit in your life so you have more time for what you love to do.

Meet Brittany Fank

Brittany helps entrepreneurs build systems, create organization, and develop efficiency strategies through her signature Calm & Confident CEO process.

She is a creator, a systems consultant, and believes in living a purposeful life.

Brittany’s worked with female service-providers to create the freedom in their business so they can have more fun and enjoy the little things.

Meet Carol Ann DeSimine

Carol Ann DeSimine is a messaging and content strategist for high-end offers, and the author of Irresistible High-End Messaging for Online Entrepreneurs. The mission of her company, align.believe.create on-purpose coaching, along with The Goddess Way to Scale & Simplify brand, is to support transformational leaders to ‘play full out and fully expressed’ in a practical-spiritual approach to business.

Meet Julie C Butler

Julie supports female entrepreneurs to live a life by design, and has created a business to help them achieve this with simplicity and ease.

Having the freedom to design her own lifestyle through her business, she is moving her family to Costa Rica this summer.

With over 15 years of experience, she can helps solopreneurs design and build the life of their dreams so that they can spend more time with their family and have all the abundance they desire.

Meet  MIa Frankl

powherfull inc is a startup incubator, a collabratory of sisterhood and a badass biz manager serving female CEOs. I show women how to create sustainable businesses with a whole-istic approach, beautifully balancing the masculine and feminine energies. I organize their business with simplicity so she can run it easily (spacious business) while caring for their hearts, empowering them, and deepening their divine feminine power (I am a biz organizer and Spiritual Coach!) -> soul fitness on the biz playground!vent.

Meet Suzanne Conley

I help women who want to start and grow a profitable business plus get paying clients quickly so they can add an additional income stream even if they are working a 9-5 resulting in financial freedom and flexibility.

Jannette Anderson

Jannette’s title is The Expansionist because she helps people and businesses grow!
With over 35 years of strategic planning, sales and marketing experience (and yes she started when she was 7!) she is a contrarian… which just means she focuses on what REALLY works for entrepreneurs. She has done her time in the corporate trenches in roles ranging from print-shop press operator to V.P. Professional Services, but don’t worry—she is cured now and promises to never again stray from her first, last, and only true love of showing business owners how to make a meaningful difference AND a magnificent living! Jannette also brings her 30+ years of personal transformation facilitation and coaching to bear on getting the 4” between your ears working so your life and business can work together beautifully!
Whether she is speaking, training, or coaching she will kick your “Buts” and hold your heart as you step boldly into creating the Positive Results you are looking for!

Meet Johanne O’Halleron

Johanne is a Business Mentor and Sales Expert for Coaches who want to sign their first 5 clients and beyond.

She is also a Mum to Leah, Granny Jo Jo to Oliver and partner to Robert.

Johanne has witnessed so many women doubt their ability and self worth when building their coaching business and stop before they have even begun.

Her mission is to empower as many women as possible to create the business they want without restriction and have some fun doing it. Johanne’s motto is – It’s never too late to go after what you want, you just have to decide you are going to.

Meet Your Host,
Heidi Richards Mooney

Heidi is the founder and President of Women in Ecommerce (circa 2001), Publisher of WE Magazine for Women (circa 2006)
5 other digital magazines and President of Redhead Marketing, Inc.  Heidi is an author, coach, small business owner, internet marketing expert who specializes in helping clients Get More Visibility using cutting edge search engine marketing strategies and GROW their business using targeted social media channels including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google My Business, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Since 2001 Heidi has hosted hundreds of in-person and virtual events including the Golden Mouse Award, Women Who Rock Award, Promote and Prosper Live Events, Women’s Writing and Publishing Summit, Women’s Internet Marketing Summits, Women’s Wealth Summits and many, many more! She wants you to succeed and is constantly creating ways to elevate women with The Promote and Prosper Giveaway being her latest event.